Digital Game Part 5

This game portrays the difficulties that a physically disabled individual face on their daily basis while walking in the Egyptian streets.  References for my information: My data collection was through two ways: the first was secondary data by which i used websites that give instructions and guidelines for the services that should be provided inContinue reading “Digital Game Part 5”

Reflection Soliya

Soliya’s program was a great experience from my personal perspective. I am a very shy person and i rarely talk or share my opinion in any of my classes whether online or on campus.  At the first session from the program, i was rarely participating, i used to answer only if i found that i’mContinue reading “Reflection Soliya”

Digital literacies pathway

Step 1: a) Digital confidence profile b) Screenshot Step 2:  According to the article named “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacies, and Teaching Both”, it referred that there’s a great difference between digital skills and digital literacies. This article states that: “Digital skills focus on what and how. Digital literacy focuses onContinue reading “Digital literacies pathway”

First Draft of Digital Game–v0rmTK_BW20x9xMaClAQxhoNA/viewform?usp=sf_link i would be more than happy if you tried to play this game. It basically raises awareness about the difficulties that people with various disabilities face while walking in the streets. I will be giving some choices for you to choose in order to address their concerns and try to update it for theirContinue reading “First Draft of Digital Game”

Something that delights me

This is a picture of AUC’s bus. I used to rebel that I ride the bus for almost 3 hours per day. However, when we returned back, they have put the new regulations of social distancing. It was very sad actually but right now I really enjoy riding the bus.

Dr. Mays Imad Reflection

Dr. Mays Imad started the talk by asking everyone “how is your heart?” and she referred that there could be harmony between different aspects such as hope and overwhelmed. Afterwards, she started by defining as the “feeling of emotional stress whether its something positive or negative”. The positive stress is referred to as “eustress” whichContinue reading “Dr. Mays Imad Reflection”

Narrative Game Phase II

The narrative game that I will be doing for this semester revolves around the difficulty that people with physical disabilities face in the Egyptian streets. There are no ramps, and the streets are not designed for their special use. So, the game will basically feature a street with different character icons of disabled people (visuallyContinue reading “Narrative Game Phase II”


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