Dr. Mays Imad Reflection

Dr. Mays Imad started the talk by asking everyone “how is your heart?” and she referred that there could be harmony between different aspects such as hope and overwhelmed. Afterwards, she started by defining as the “feeling of emotional stress whether its something positive or negative”. The positive stress is referred to as “eustress” which enhances the individual’s performance level; while the negative stress is referred to as distress. She then stated the chronic stress becomes toxic as it affect our biological resilience which results in the brain choosing survival over learning. She gave an example of the survival mode about the pandemic phase that we all experienced, she said that the brain was trying to process all the uncertainty taking place, the isolation, the feel etc. she showed us a snapshot of the brain of someone who os resting and daydreaming by which she stated that the brain is integrating information at this stage. She further compared it with a snapshot of someone who is traumatized and she said that this person does not integrate information as he is “stuck in the past”. Afterwards, she talked about an article that compared learning to acrobatics by stating that we learn at ease when the neural connection is able to connect and pause. She showed us a diagram where a student is trying to relate to whom he is and his own identity. Not only the relationship with the student, but the teacher, the world and the knowledge. Followed by samples of students answers on why should the instructor give their classmates an extra credit grade. They all replied that they are the social butterflies who usually answers questions and give their opinion in class while they don’t as they feel shy. She concluded the talk by stating that teachers should use reflective teaching by which they “reflect everyday why they do what they do”. Finally, she asked the audience “why kindness”.

This paragraph aims to revisit the learning outcomes gained from this experience and how it actually enhanced my wellbeing. I believe that i relate a bit to what the students wrote in their answers, i usually ask myself why am i not one of the students who usually participate and share their opinion (it could be somehow inner jealousy of hoping to become that person). Also, i believe that reflective teaching is a very good way for teachers nowadays to use especially during the online learning. For example, teachers who force opening cameras, they should ask themselves what am i gaining from forcing my students to open their cameras. Another thing that’s widely done nowadays is not allowing backtracking in the exams. They also should ask themselves, why am i doing that even though in the normal situation students had the chance to solve the questions in the sequence they desire. What i found really interesting was the snapshot of the brains and comparing someone who i resting to someone who is traumatized. Also, the questions of “how’s your heart” and “why kindness” seem to be a very simple question; however, it was challenging and took me some time to think about it.

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