Narrative Game Prototype

This game portrays the difficulties that a physically disabled individual face on their daily basis while walking in the Egyptian streets. 

Before you play the game, here are some instructions and guidelines for you to use:

You will be choosing at the beginning of the game a street name of your choice; you’ll be choosing a character that you desire to portray, and you’ll be responsible to set up the route for this person along the way. Good luck. 

Please choose your desired street name:

  • Qasr el Nile Street (Wust El-Balad)
  • Syria Street (Mohandesen)
  • El- Hossary street (6 October)
  • Giza square

Please choose the character you will be portraying in the game:

  • Visually impaired
  • Man/ woman on a wheelchair
  • Hearing impaired

Now, the game starts!! 

  • First Character: Visually impaired 

A man is walking in …… street holding in his hand a white cane. Every now and then the white cane detects people who are about to bounce within the man. This is due to the narrow sidewalks designed. Children running in the street pushed the man. The man started to panic as there are a lot of people are very near and the cane is unable to detect them as they’re moving really fast and immediately. 

How would you set up the street for this man?

  • Construct wider sidewalks so people who are visually impaired could move on the right side and others move besides
  • Talk to people and tell them to give space for the man
  • Don’t do anything, its very hard to redesign the street. It would cost a lot. 

Afterwards, the man gets tired and decides to get some rest. So, he decides to rest on one of the benches placed in the street. As soon as he approaches any bench, he finds it occupied. He walks for 10 minutes in order to find another bench but unfortunately its fully occupied too.

How would you setup the street for this man? 

  • Increase the number of benches, regular intervals between each a 100 m. 
  • Place the bench outside the circulation path
  • Place seats near toilets/public telephones
  • Place seats near entrances/exits
  • All of the above

The man kept on walking for almost 30 minutes with no chance of finding a seat or a bench to rest on. He finally gave up and sat on the sidewalk. People passing by started to look at the man with pity, but they actually don’t know what his problem is. 

After resting for some time, this man was supposed to meet a friend in this street so he can pick him up and go to have lunch. However, the man realized that his phone died, and he is finding difficulty in reaching his friend. So, he asked a few people passing to use their phone, but people refused as they thought that he is a thief or that he is manipulating them to steal it. He had no other option other than looking for a near public phone in order to reach his friend.

People in the street directed him to the nearest public telephone which is located on the opposite side of the street. Now, the man has to cross the street where there are no traffic lights there. He started crossing the street, but people started to curse and shout by saying “Come On” and beeping which was very mean and disrespectful. 

How would you setup the street for this man? 

  • Traffic lights that allow physically disabled people to cross the street
  • Traffic lights is not realistic, people won’t respect them and wait

Finally, the man reaches the opposite side of the street. Now he has to move about 15 minutes in order to reach the nearest public telephone. After reaching there, the public telephone turns out to be not working. This was a great disappointment to the man.

How would you setup the street for this man? 

  • Telephones at short intervals 
  • Ensure the maintenance of the telephones 

Now, the man is bored and fed up to reach his friend. He decides to take a cab and return to home. 

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